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We are one of international premium providers of 4-MMC/Mephedrone, bk-MDMA/Methylone,MDAI, 4-MEC/Modified mephedrone and MDPV. 

We are proud of offer high quality product, one of most reliable company on the market and get satisfied feedback from our customers.

Our price include registered mail delivery. Delivery time 24hrs 

We can supply folowing reserch chemicals and herbals:

• 4-MMC/Mephedrone


• bk-MDMA/ Methylone 



• Marijuana/ Cannabis seeds

• Sumatra Red Vein Kratom /Mitragyna speciosa

• Sumatra White Vein Kratom / Mitragyna speciosa

• Borneo Red Vein Kratom / Mitragyna speciosa

• Borneo White Vein Kratom / Mitragyna speciosa

• Salvia Divinorum

Common names used for this chemical:

4-MMC, 4MMC, 4-methylmethcathinone, Mephedrone, Methedrone, Methadrone, Mephadrone, M-CAT, MM-CAT Meow/Miaow Plant Feeder

4-mec 4-methylethylcathinone. Mephedrone Substitute Legal Mephedrone

Methylone, bk-MDMA, Arlone, Explosion, M1, Ease

MDPV, Methylenedioxypyrovalerone

MDAI; 5,6-Methylenedioxy-2-aminoindane HCl; 6,7-dihydro-5H-cyclopenta[f][1,3]benzodioxol-6-amine

Our product is sold strictly as a plant food and is not for human consumption. 

(Please see our terms and conditions for further information)

Buy 4-MMC/ Mephedrone, bk-MDMA/Methylone, MDAI, MDPV, 4-MEC/ Modified MEphedrone and other research chemicals.

Each product has its own unique qualities. We import direct from the factory so we can guarantee a quality product - over 99.9% purity.

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International customers please do ensure you check your national laws before ordering. 

Registered  mail delivery inculde price.
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We ship worldwide.

No tests for free, because every day we speak with a lot of "real buyers" which ask about free test and promise every day orders on £1000+, but in the end buy nothing. We hope your understand this. 

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